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Civic Engagement Academy Requests
Who do we offer trainings to?

Serve Philadelphia delivers trainings to both internal City offices and external community organizations. We train diverse teams of leaders, from grassroots organizers to engagement professionals. We've found that our trainings are most successful when we work together to organize them. This offers those that request trainings the opportunity to build new skills immediately.

What to expect from us?
If you request one or more of our twelve trainings, we will:

  • Provide relevant training materials, including printed presentations and worksheets.

  • Provide support as needed with logistics.

What we expect from you?

If you request one or more of our twelve trainings, here's what we expect from you. You will:

  • Secure a date, time and location for the training, with at least a one month’s notice before the training date.

  • Provide wifi and a projector for the training.

  • Recruit at least 15 training participants.

What happens after you request a training?

Once a training request has been submitted, we will follow up with you shortly to schedule a time to talk on the phone or in person. After approving a training request submission, we'll work together to begin organizing it!

Are you ready to take your organizing skills to the next level?

Questions? Contact Karen Small at karen.small@phila.gov