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Bryanna Jones

Child Trauma Prevention VISTA

About The VISTA Position:

About 400,000 Philadelphia residents live below the federal poverty line. There is a strong correlation between poverty and the impact of trauma. Approximately 80% of children screened at any given month through PACTS endorse trauma exposure. Only 15% goes on to receive trauma-specific services, for a variety of reasons. The VISTA will support PACTS’ mission of closing this gap and increasing access to evidence-based trauma services for underserved youth impacted by poverty and violence, especially LGBTQ youth and young children (ages 2-6). The VISTA will achieve this by developing sustainable data gathering processes and proposing innovative ways develop competent and affirming services to increase engagement of said populations.

Bryanna graduated from Ursinus College with a B.S. in Psychology and a dual major in African American and Africana studies. While in college, her role as a Healing Across the Life Span research assistant, as well as conducting independent strength-based research on students of color, has fueled her interest in trauma prevention work within marginalized populations. Bryanna is thrilled to join the Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disAbility Services and the Philadelphia Alliance for Child Trauma Services in an effort to end poverty through increasing access of trauma informed services.

 About The VISTA Member:

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