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 About The VISTA Member:

Dante DeNault (he/him) graduated from Ithaca College with a B.S. in Communication Management and Design and a minor in Sociology. Born in raised in Latham, New York, he is proud to proclaim West Philadelphia as his home. Previously serving as the Water Outreach VISTA with the Philadelphia Water Department, he is humbled to continue his service by expanding SERVE Philadelphia and acting as a mentor, facilitator, and liaison to community-oriented folk on their civic journey. Inspired to take action by the socioeconomic rights movements of the 2010s, Dante serves to foster equitable and sustainable growth within local communities to alleviate institutional inequalities through civic engagement, storytelling, and sustainable systems design.

Dante DeNault

VISTA Leader

Office of Civic Engagement 

and Volunteer Service

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About The VISTA Position:

The City of Philadelphia must address its 25% poverty rate with a clear and coordinated strategy for engaging volunteers to address challenges that contribute to poverty. This strategy must include a diverse and far reaching set of City agencies and departments, many of whom lack the capacity, resources, and time to develop high impact anti-poverty initiatives that can be implemented and evaluated in a timely manner. The Serve Philadelphia VISTA Corps is the key to the City’s ability to develop, implement and evaluate the City's greatest challenges in alleviating poverty. Serve VISTA Leaders are integral to the success of Corps members and therefore moving the needle on poverty in Philadelphia.