1401 John F. Kennedy Blvd., Suite 1610, Philadelphia, PA 19102

 About The VISTA Member:

Jacqueline graduated from the University of Richmond with a degree in biology and minors in anthropology and healthcare studies. As a Global Health Scholar during undergraduate, she studied the social and environmental determinants of health by volunteering in free clinics for the underserved. This past year, she served with AmeriCorps Delaware as a reading interventionist to help struggling readers in low socioeconomic areas. Jacqueline is passionate about advancing health equity and believes that all children deserve equal opportunity. She is very excited to continue this work in Philadelphia through the Early Intervention VISTA position.

About The VISTA Position:

The Early Intervention VISTA will work to improve long-term health and education outcomes for children by addressing the need to implement Early Intervention strategies. Specifically, they will engage in the following activities:1) Evaluate existing methods to reach vulnerable populations for Early Intervention screening, and identify new places where Early Intervention screenings could be integrated.2) Cultivate partnerships with internal and external stakeholders.3) Develop a framework to mobilize volunteers to implement Early Intervention screening strategies at partner sites.4) Develop tools and resources to ensure regular and productive communication among partner network.