1401 John F. Kennedy Blvd., Suite 1610, Philadelphia, PA 19102

 About The VISTA Member:

Anna Marion has a JD from Penn Law, where her studies included law and policy related to mental health, disability, public health, and local government. Over the past nine years Anna has volunteered with organizations working to alleviate homelessness and poverty in Philadelphia, most recently serving for four years as a volunteer legal advocate at Walk-in Legal Assistance, a weekly pro-bono clinic in West Philadelphia. Anna previously interned in the Office of the Managing Director of Health and Human Services (HHS) for the City of Philadelphia, and she is enthusiastic to return to HHS this year as the Opioid Abuse Prevention VISTA.

Anna Marion

Opioid Abuse Prevention VISTA

About The VISTA Position:

The VISTA will serve low-income Philadelphians at risk of developing and already with opioid addiction. In 2003, there were less than 350 opioid deaths in Philadelphia; in 2016, there were over 900. In 2017, over 1200 fatal overdoses are expected. Although opioid addiction can affect individuals of all income levels, it is particularly prevalent and deadly among low-income populations. The Opioid Abuse Prevention VISTA will build the City’s capacity to fight the opioid abuse epidemic in Philadelphia by strengthening the coalition addressing the opioid epidemic and developing a public awareness campaign.