1401 John F. Kennedy Blvd., Suite 1610, Philadelphia, PA 19102

 About The VISTA Member:

Zorina is a proud Philadelphian who received her B.S. in marketing from the University of Delaware. After a career in the Broadcasting and Communications industry, she felt her true calling lay in public service. She passionately believes in supporting programs and policies that help people move out of poverty. Zorina will work with the City of Philadelphia Law Department to support Mission Area 1 of the Philadelphia Resilience Project; focusing on clearing major encampments in Kensington and surrounding areas. As a Kensington native, Zorina jumped at the opportunity to enact meaningful change in the neighborhood that played a pivotal role in her growth and development. In her spare time, Zorina enjoys traveling and making lasting memories with her husband, two children, and Yorkie.

Zorina Beneby

Opioid Emergency Response VISTA- Mission Area 1

About The VISTA Position:

The opioid crisis is a complex health and social issue negatively impacting Kensington and surrounding neighborhoods in Philadelphia. The areas most affected have an average poverty rate of 40% or higher.  The Resilience Project is a comprehensive approach focusing on cleaning up the neighborhood and making it safe for residents while also providing compassionate, effective care and access to treatment and housing for people living with substance use disorder which will ultimately reduce poverty. The VISTA assigned to Mission Area 1, clearing major encampments, will support the long term strategy  to prevent encampments from relocating or reforming by developing innovative solutions around at-risk, abandoned and vacant properties.