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Madeline Steck

Eviction Prevention Policy VISTA

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 About The VISTA Member:

Madeline Steck recently completed her first year with AmeriCorps VISTA as the Nutrition Programs Coordinator for the Indy Hunger Network in Indianapolis. Originally from Texas, she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and Psychology from Texas A&M University. Her studies focused on how race and gender affect people’s lives, and these courses led her to begin volunteering with Amnesty International and local service organizations. As part of her capstone experience, Madeline also spent two semesters in Moscow, Russia, taking courses at Moscow State University. After finishing her year of service, Madeline plans to attend graduate school for a Master of Public Policy with a focus on women’s studies and civil rights.

About The VISTA Position:

In Philadelphia, over 22,000 evictions are filed each year. New research has found a strong connection between the experience of evictions and persistent poverty. In June 2018, the Mayor's Eviction Task Force issued a report outlining a series of recommendations to address the eviction crisis in Philadelphia. Implementation of the recommendations is being carried out by the City's Housing Security Working Group, which has identified a need for new communication tools, data collection plans, and strategies to reach a wider audience. The Eviction Prevention Policy VISTA will build the capacity of the working group by researching best practices, contributing to strategy development, and creating new systems to track and coordinate activities.