1401 John F. Kennedy Blvd., Suite 1610, Philadelphia, PA 19102

Niyati Patel

Neighborhood Engagement VISTA

 About The VISTA Member:

Niyati Patel recently graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a BA in Economics. During her time at Penn, she developed an interest in government and believes that the VISTA program will be a great way to see first-hand how city governments balance the various demands they face. She is eager to learn more about the opioid crisis in Philadelphia and implement interventions and policies to help the most vulnerable.

About The VISTA Position:

The Neighborhood Engagement VISTA will lead efforts throughout the city to engage neighborhoods, severely impacted by the opioid crisis, by helping individuals access needed services when they are encountering a housing crisis. The areas most affected have an average poverty rate of 40% or higher. This work will support efforts throughout the city to expand the Office of Homeless Services’ ability to engage and assess people experiencing homelessness who are not coming into the traditional access points. The VISTA in this position will also have a special focus on Latino/a communities, and work with non profit stakeholders and housing counseling agencies to identify and serve individuals who are living in unsheltered situations.