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 About The VISTA Member:

TJ von Oehsen graduated from Haverford College in 2018, majoring in sociology and minoring in educational studies. He has spent the last year as a Haverford House Fellow working with Education Law Center, whose mission is to ensure access to a quality education for all children in Pennsylvania. TJ's work involved compiling and analyzing data, meeting with legislators, and publishing two reports. TJ is deeply passionate about issues of education and restorative justice. While at Haverford he volunteered with the Petey Greene Program for three years, tutoring students in a pre-GED course in the Curran Fromhold Correctional Facility. TJ will be serving in Philadelphia's Office of Criminal Justice with the Philadelphia Reentry Coalition, coordinating collaboration between Philly's many organizations for returning citizens.

TJ von Oehsen

Reentry Coalition Capacity Building VISTA

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About The VISTA Position:

The 25k Philadelphians who return from incarceration every year often experience the impacts of extreme poverty; as a result many return to jail. To reintegrate, people need access to comprehensive reentry supports–which requires a strong network of services. The Capacity Bank connects community-based reentry providers with volunteers and in-kind/pro-bono resources, advancing the Coalition’s goals of facilitating collaboration, leveraging resources, and building capacity among stakeholders to create a more effective reentry system. By implementing the Reentry Capacity Bank designed in Year 1, a training calendar, and external communications strategy, the Coordinator will expand our reach of capacity-building resources to our members.