1401 John F. Kennedy Blvd., Suite 1610, Philadelphia, PA 19102

Eric Talbot

Community School Parent and Community Engagement VISTA

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 About The VISTA Member:

Eric Talbot graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in English. With experience in the health and communications fields, he is eager and ready to contribute to the Mayor’s Office of Education. He believes that education empowers individuals to not only succeed, but also understand and navigate their world. This opportunity will provide Eric with a better understanding and facilitate his commitment to supporting vulnerable peoples.

About The VISTA Position:

The Community and Parent Engagement VISTA will create a system of capacity-building opportunities to increase volunteer opportunities for families and community members to support and engage in school-based activities and events that enhance school climate. By developing regularly occurring opportunities at the school or nearby, families and community members will have structured opportunities to volunteer and build community at the school and at the neighborhood level. The goal is to increase the quality of opportunities, the number of new volunteers, and the sustainability of the opportunities.